Overview of Year 7 Subjects


In Art you will study three units on the Formal Elements, Portraiture and Landscapes. The first unit is a short, introductory course focussing on developing an understanding of the formal elements through a variety of different exercises. Portraiture is influenced by the Pop Art movement and develops skills in printmaking, Artist Research and PhotoShop. In the Landscapes unit, you will study a variety of artists and produce textured collage and ceramic work.

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Cultural Studies

In Year 7 you will study Greek Mythology, Old Testament Stories and then World Myths. These three areas focus on the power of stories. Stories convey the culture, history and values that shape people. In lessons we will look at some of the most exciting stories ever told. Icarus, Pandora, the Trojan War, Cain and Abel, David and Goliath, Anansi and much more await.  We will also look at how these stories have shaped and referenced culture for thousands of years.


In English the topics you study are Creative reading and writing based on The Dark Is Rising, Poetry from Different Times, Cultures and Traditions, Classic Fiction - Animal Farm, A Magazine Project, Writing from Different Viewpoints, Greek drama and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. You will read a wide range of texts and respond in a variety of ways improving your communication skills all the time.

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You will study a wide range of things including rivers, global fashions, map skills, weather and less economically developed countries.  

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You start by learning about the Norman Conquest, and then look at medieval life in England including what it was like to be a peasant and live during the time of the Black Death. We continue with the problems facing medieval kings in England, before moving on through history with the Tudors, the Industrial Revolution, British Empire and our role in the Atlantic slave trade.

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In ICT you will learn how to solve problems by creating logical flowcharts.  You will use flowcharts to design programs in a variety of software, which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Scratch and Python.  You will also have lots of theory to learn about the history of programming and different programming techniques.

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In Maths you will study number, algebra, geometry, probability, ratio and proportion and rates of change. We aim to ensure that you all become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and learn to reason mathematically. You will learn to solve problems by applying mathematics and by persevering in seeking solutions.

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Modern Foreign Languages (French & Spanish)

You will learn to understand and communicate information in both languages while also learning about French and Spanish speaking cultures and communities. You will be encouraged to make connections with the grammar of both languages (and your own!) while developing your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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Music lessons are varied and interesting.  You cover a wide range of topics including the orchestra and how to write a graphic score.  A lot of work is practical and gives you the chance to write and perform your own compositions in groups or pairs.  You also get to develop your listening and singing skills.

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You will be physically active in a wide range of activities such as rugby, football, hockey, basketball, netball, badminton, volleyball, fitness, cross country, dance, gymnastics, trampolining, table tennis, tennis, athletics, rounders and softball. You will also develop a deeper understanding of rules, regulations and how to improve performance through observation and analysis in a particular activity. Extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime and after school run and everyone is welcome regardless of ability - a great way to develop further skill/game play in that activity.

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RPSE stands for Religious Personal Social Education. You will learn about the major world faiths.  Then you learn about Sikhism and Hinduism in more detail.  You will explore various rites of passage such as birth and marriage ceremonies. It includes Sex and Relationships Education and health.

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Science at NHGS is different from Science at primary school because you get to do lots of practical work.  You have one Science teacher who teaches you Biology, Chemistry and Physics in different units.  You will study animal and plant cells, organs such as the heart, reproduction in animals/humans (including growing up) and plants, the periodic table and atoms, solids, liquids and gases, acids and alkalis, energy, electricity and space.

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You will learn some of the main things about designing. You will stay with the same teacher for the whole year and complete five design projects. The range of materials you use broadens as you go through Year 7 and Year 8, so you will begin by using card but eventually will use textiles, wood plastic, metal and food.

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