Music - Year 7


All students receive one hour of Music at Key Stage 3. Students explore the following topics though appraising, composition and performance. Music allows students to develop key skills in team work, preparation and planning and collaboration as well as developing presentation and self-confidence.

Course Content

Autumn Term

Instruments of the Orchestra: Students study how the sonority of different instruments can help to tell a story. We study Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and compose motifs to fit to the story of The Gruffalo.

Rhythm as a Starting point: Students learn to read musical notation and create rhythm grids in groups. They apply their understanding of dynamics, structure and texture in their compositions and performances.

Spring Term

Form and Structure: Students use knowledge from the last term and learn how to compose effective melodies within a given musical structure. They use computer music software ‘Sibelius’ to help them.

Graphic Scores: Students develop their music interpretation skills and look at how graphics can help record sounds. They listen to music and also interpret their own graphic scores.

Summer Term

Blues: Students are introduced to the genre of the Blues. They learn about chord sequences and improvisation and develop their keyboard skills through performance.

Musical Futures: Students learn how to perform a well-known popular song in groups. Using their own skills, they will adapt the song to suit their ability.


Students are asked to reflect and evaluate their own performances in relation to the topic assessments.

Guidance is given as to how to complete this and the work is done in their class work books.


Students are assessed at the end of each topic – twice per term. Their performance of their own work and approach to composition is measured.
Students are asked to evaluate their own performances and focus on key skills that may need to be developed at the end of each topic.

Useful Links and Information

YouTube is a good source if students want to or need to listen to music which is related to the topic.

Wikipedia: a good starting point for finding out background information about composers or different music genres.

BBC GCSE bitesize is also a good source of information which may be more accessible for some students.