School Admissions

Students must sit the Admissions Tests to be considered for a place

Consultation on Admissions Policies for entry in September 2023

  • Consultation start date: 15th December 2021
  • Consultation end date: 26th January 2022

We are consulting on changes to the admissions policies of The Crossley Heath School and The North Halifax Grammar School, who operate a joint admissions process.

The relevant policies can be found on our school websites:

The Crossley Heath School Admissions Policy For entry September 2023

North Halifax Grammar School Admissions Policy For entry September 2023

The changes are in line with the new national admissions code released in September 2021.

Our consultation with stakeholders will run until 26th January 2022. If you have any comments please contact us using the school contact details below:

The Crossley Heath School:

The North Halifax Grammar School: 

Students wishing to join the school in Year 7 are required to sit the joint NHGS/CHGS admissions test in September, during Year 6 at primary school. The tests comprise three papers (Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English). 

From 2021 papers for all three tests will be answered on optical mark reader answer sheets.
Updated familiarisation resources are available from GL Assessment’s (see link), who will be the providers of the tests from 2021 onwards.

Please note that we do not use the Non-Verbal Reasoning tests. The test length on the familiarisation materials is not indicative of the length of the actual tests and they are intended for familiarisation only .

Admissions for Year 7

We would love to give a place to everyone who wants to come to North Halifax Grammar School (NHGS) but sadly that isn’t possible.  We admit 180 pupils per year into Year 7, and these places are awarded strictly in line with the terms of our admissions policy which you can download from this page.

Entry to the school will be determined by academic ability and attainment as identified by admissions exam which will be a test of ability - irrespective of sex, race or disability.

Admissions Test

Parents need to register their child to sit the admissions test (please note, an application to sit the test is not an application to attend the school – refer to your local authority’s website for information on applying to secondary schools) .  We operate a joint registration and admissions process with Crossley Heath School, and registration forms for the test can be accessed from both schools and their websites.

For more information about the test, please click here.

For more information about the timetables for admissions, please click here.

Casual Admissions into Years 7 to 11

Anyone wishing to transfer to the school, other than at the normal date of entry in September, must apply on a Casual Vacancy Application Form, and must be on the waiting list at the time of the vacancy.

Applicants wishing to transfer to NHGS, either from another school in Calderdale or from a school in another local authority (LA), need to complete a ‘Transfer Request for Calderdale Schools’ form available from the LA.

If the application is from a student attending a school in another LA or who has recently moved into the area, the application will be sent to the school. If there is a vacancy in the appropriate year, the applicant will be invited into the school to sit tests in English, Mathematics, a Modern Foreign Language and Science.  If the applicant meets the criteria of ability and attainment, then a place will be offered.

The LA or the school may inform the parent(s) of the outcome of the application.