French - Year 7


You will learn to understand and communicate information in French while also learning about French speaking cultures and communities. You will be encouraged to make connections with the grammar of French and your own language, while developing your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

Course Content

Transition lesson in June: getting to know each other through simple paired conversations & group work on France.  Transition booklet for summer holiday introducing and consolidating areas of basic vocabulary from KS2.

Autumn Term

Vocabulary: Greetings, name, days of the week, alphabet, numbers 1-30, classroom items, where people live, months and dates, family members, animals and pets, numbers 31-70

Grammar: using tu & vous, definite & indefinite articles, nouns, gender, singular & plural, recognize number patterns, possessive adjectives, conjugating present tense of avoir, idiom il y a, recognition of negative il n’y a pas,  

Pronunciation: Competition: Spelling Bee (national competition) knowledge of French alphabet and spelling of a list of French words.

Spring Term

Vocabulary: describing house, colours, clothes, physical descriptions, opinions, sport, seasons, weather, numbers, descriptions of character

Grammar: conjugating present tense of être, prepositions, il y a, adjectival agreements, pronunciation of cognates, present tense regular -er verbs, numbers 71-100

Summer Term

Vocabulary: places in town, directions

Grammar: saying at/ to, pour aller à + definite article, conjugating present tense of aller & faire


Set weekly; may be learning, using Language Perfect to reinforce vocabulary or writing


Regular vocabulary test and unit tests every half term. Summative assessment test in May.

Useful Links and Information

Vocabulary practice:

  • Language Perfect (
  • Quizlet (


On-line dictionaries

  • Word reference (