French - Year 7


Students will learn how to introduce and talk about themselves and their lives in French.  They will be able to use some transactional language and express and justify reasons. They will start to develop their knowledge of French grammar and will be encouraged to make connections with English grammatical structures with which they are already familiar.  They will be introduced  to key French sounds which are revisited throughout the year.  They will have the opportunity to learn about life in France and other Francophone countries in relation to school, sports and festivals.  They will develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course Content

Transition lesson in Summer Term: getting to know each other through simple paired conversations & group work about France.  Transition booklet for summer holiday introducing and consolidating areas of basic vocabulary from Key Stage 2.

Autumn Term

  • Vocabulary: Learning to pronounce key French sounds, name, numbers, brothers, sisters and age, classroom objects, descriptions of people, activities, colours, telling the time.        
  • Grammar: avoir, indefinite & definite article. être, adjectives, infinitives, regular -er verbs
  • Pronunciation: Learning to pronounce key French sounds

Spring Term

  • Vocabulary: Learning more key French sounds, school subjects, telling the time, school day,  Francophone countries, sports & other activities,          
  • Grammar: : il y a /il n’y a pas, faire, cognates & context,
  • Pronunciation: Learning more key French sounds  

Summer Term

  • Vocabulary: : what you like doing, animals, family members, where you live, breakfast, Bastille Day
  • Grammar: aimer followed by infinitive, er verbs, possessive adjectives


Set weekly; may be learning, using Language Perfect to reinforce vocabulary or writing


Regular vocabulary tests and summative assessments 3 times a year

Useful Links and Information

Vocabulary practice:

Language Perfect




Languages Online


On-line dictionaries:

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