RPSE - Year 7


In Religious Studies units of learning students will explore some of the foundational aspects of religious studies such as sources of belief and authority, symbolism and varieties of expression. Studies of individual religions from both Abrahamic and Dharmic traditions follow from this introductory unit.

In PSHE students will explore different types of relationships and how to manage their own health and well-being.


Autumn Term

Unit 1: Beliefs, values, symbolism and ultimate questions. An introduction to world religions. 

  • Symbolism
  • Who am I? What do I value?
  • Knowing and believing/ ultimate questions
  • Ultimate questions: Does God exist?
  • Creeds/ My Creed
  • Using religious sources
  • Assessment
  • World religions student group presentations

Unit 2: PSHE - Health Education

  • Personal hygiene/ dental hygiene/ puberty
  • Healthy bodies, minds and lifestyles (physical) - exercise and sleep
  • Healthy bodies, minds and lifestyles - diet and caffeine
  • Screen time
  • Dealing with stress

Spring Term

Unit 3: Islam

  • Life of Muhammad
  • Key beliefs: God Tawhid (99 names/ Surah al-Fatihah/ Surah Ikhlas)
  • Key beliefs: Akhirah
  • Five Pillars

Unit 4: Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma)

  • The Origins of Hinduism
  • The Concept of God
  • Hindu beliefs about life after death

Summer Term

Unit 5: Relationships Education

  • Types of relationships
  • Friendships
  • Staying friends
  • Managing difficult relationships
  • Role models

Unit 6: Sikhism

  • What do Sikhs believe about God? (Mool Mantar)
  • Guru Nanak
  • The Khalsa
  • The 5 Ks
  • Equality and respect
  • Sewa


Set where appropriate for developing learning. Maximum one weekly piece including reading and writing activities, revision and short memory tasks. 


  • Formative throughout the year via feedback in class and project/ book work. 
  • Summative assessment comes in the form of:
    • End of Unit assessments, including formal written pieces and group presentations
    • Year 7 synoptic assessment

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