RPSE - Year 7


In Year 7 students explore the faiths of Sikhism and Hinduism. Students are encouraged to show empathy to the views of those from other faiths and those who have none. Lessons are designed to give students the opportunity to explore their own views. Through PSHE students study units of work on SRE and Health Education


Autumn Term

Unit 7.1: Introduction into Religious Studies - at the beginning of Year 7, students will be introduced to key features of the six major religions. 

  • Why do we study RE?
  • Key facts and features of the six major world religions
  • Group research and presentations on one major world religion
  • Baseline assessment

Unit 7.2: Money Matters - Enterprise

  • Pocket Money
  • Banking
  • Enterprise
  • Designing a board game

Unit 7.3: Sex and Relationship Education

  • Relationships
  • Puberty
  • Freindships
  • Personal boundaries

Spring Term

Unit 7.4: Sikhism - students complete an in depth study of Sikhism. Students learn about the core beliefs of this world faith while being encouraged to reflect on their one beliefs and values. 

  • Sikh beliefs about God
  • How Sikhism was founded? (Guru Nanak)
  • Sikh leaders (The 10 Guru's)
  • The Khalsa and 5 K's
  • Worship in the Gurdwara including the Guru Granth Sahib
  • Sikh Beliefs (Sewa, Kirat, Karna)

Unit 7.5 - Hinduism - students go on to look at another important religion that originated in the Indian sub-continent - Hinduism.

  • How was Hinduism founded?
  • Hindu beliefs about God (Trimurti)
  • Worship in the Mandir
  • The Ramayana and Diwali
  • Karma and Hindu beliefs about life after death
  • Gandhi and his importance to Hindu's

Summer Term

Unit 7.6: Drugs Education - Students complete a unit of work on Drugs Education. The focus is legal drugs:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

Unit 7.7: Rites of Passage - To finish the year students study important milestones in life and how they are celebrated. Examples looked at are both secular and from a variety of different religions. 

  • Why is birth important and rites of passage surrounding it.
  • Coming of age (Bar Mitz vah)
  • Marriage (Secular, Christian and Jewish)
  • Death and differing views and practices


Homework is set regularly and marked according to the school policy.


  • Baseline Assessment
  • End of Unit assessments in Sikhism and Hinduism
  • Year 7 exam
  • Extended project ‘My 5k’s

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