(University and College Application Scheme)

UCAS Applications

Historically, the overwhelming majority of our Sixth Formers apply to UCAS, with increasing numbers gaining higher level apprenticeships in recent years, so a significant part of PSCHEE time is allocated to the process of applications.

Lower Sixth Tutor Groups

Pathways programme

Students have been researching options for post-18 through our PSCHEE pathways programme.

10th May 2021/ 9th July 2021

Higher Education Fair in Manchester or Sheffield (TBC)

June to October 2021

Open Days

These are most likely to continue to be virtual.

Look at www.opendays.com and individual university websites for information and booking.

June 2021

Year 12 internal examinations (exact date TBC)

September 2021

UCAS accepts applications

15th October 2021

UCAS deadline for Oxbridge applicants and applicants into medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine

22nd October 2021

School deadline for receipt of applications (1st draft)

15th January 2022

UCAS deadline for receipt of application

January - May 2022

Student Finance England - applications for fees/ loans completed online

April - May 2022

Decisions (firm/ insurance)

May - June 2022

A Level examinations

August 2022

A-level results - confirmation, clearing and adjustment

September - October 2022

Start at University

Upper Sixth Tutor Groups

May 2021

 Confirmation/Clearing talk – GQ


15th October 2021

Applications to Oxford or Cambridge universities and for all courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

15th January 2022

All other applications.