Instrumental Music Lessons

An overview of instrumental music lessons available at NHGS.

Instrumental Music Lessons Available at NHGS

  • Woodwind
  • Strings
  • Brass
  • Percussion (drum-kit or tuned and untuned orchestral percussion)
  • Piano (limited availability)
  • Guitar
  • Singing lessons

Singing skills are taught as part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum and students are encouraged to join a vocal ensemble.

The school does have a limited number of instruments which are available for students to borrow for a small loan fee of £10 per year. If an instrument is not available, we can put you in touch with music shops which operate rental / purchase schemes. Please be aware that we do not have any Guitars to loan. You would need to provide your own instrument should you want to have Guitar lessons.

The fees for instrumental lessons are currently £390* for thirty lessons. 

Payments can be spread over three terms and are payable in advance.  A reminder of payment deadlines will be emailed to you.  For Year 7 students a payment of £130 for the first term is due by Friday 16th August 2024.  If you prefer, you can make full payment of £390.  Payment should be made on ParentPay (details of how to to this will be provided once we have confirmed we can accommodate your lesson request).

*Pricing subject to change.

How to register for Instrumental Music Lessons

If you would like your son or daughter to receive instrumental lessons at NHGS, please read the terms and conditions  and then complete the registration form here

Please note:

  • All applications must be received by Friday 5th July 2024 to guarantee an instrumental lesson.
  • Lessons will not be delivered without an advance payment of the first term (£130) Payment for the first term must have been made via ParentPay by Friday 16th August 2024 (details of how to do this will be sent to you once you have registered).
  • Please note that allocation of lessons are subject to availability.


If you have any other queries regarding Music lessons in general, please contact Mr Cain, Music Lesson Co-ordinator at