Sixth Form Admissions

Sixth Form Entry Requirements 

  • A minimum of six GCSE subjects at Grade 5 or above including English and Mathematics
  • A Grade 5 or above in any subject to be studied at A-level, where the student has previously studied the subject
  • Equivalent vocational qualifications may be accepted; all full course, Level 2 qualifications, including Applied GCSEs, of whatever size will count as one GCSE
  • To study Biology, Physics or Chemistry students need to have achieved a Grade 6 or above in the respective GCSEs or a minimum of two Grade 6’s in Science and Additional Science at GCSE
  • To study Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry students must have Grade 6 or above in Mathematics at GCSE
  • To study French or Spanish students must have a Grade 6 or above in their chosen language
  • Students wanting to study 4 A level courses should achieve at least an average GCSE Grade of 7