Our Vision

NHGS is the school that everyone wishes they went to: where enthusiasm is infectious and excellence is standard; where co-operation is at the heart of all we do; where everyone strives to achieve their goals and is mindful of the right ways to do so.

We equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to navigate life with confidence and set courses of their own choosing. Together, we develop the whole person by:

Living to Learn | Learning to Live

2022 INTAKE  - The application process is now open for the admissions test for both Halifax Grammar Schools (North Halifax Grammar School & The Crossley Heath School) click here to apply for your child(ren). The application process closes on Friday 2nd July 2021

Please report positive coronavirus tests via email using covid@nhgs.co.uk

Absence Reporting: Please be aware that the text message absence service is no longer available.  Click here to learn more about reporting student absences.