NHGS Vision

NHGS is the school that everyone wishes they went to: where enthusiasm is infectious and excellence is standard; where co-operation is at the heart of all we do; where everyone strives to achieve their goals and is mindful of the right ways to do so.

We equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to navigate life with confidence and set courses of their own choosing. Together, we develop the whole person by:

 Living to Learn | Learning to Live

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Fri 15th Feb, 3.02pm CITIZENSHIP DAY: The results are in. Runners up - Morocco
Fri 15th Feb, 11.57am CITIZENSHIP DAY: More photos of the action. https://t.co/PALVygGDXW
Fri 15th Feb, 11.57am CITIZENSHIP DAY: Things are really starting to take shape with presentation rehearsals, mascots and dance routines… https://t.co/bIykpOihJl
Fri 15th Feb, 11.04am CITIZENSHIP DAY: 2 of 2 https://t.co/olD8cahaaX
Fri 15th Feb, 11.04am CITIZENSHIP DAY: 1 of 2 here are photos of just some of the groups working on their presentations. Demonstrating lo… https://t.co/0RuXH9EU5i
Fri 15th Feb, 8.27am CITIZENSHIP DAY: Today Y9 students will work in small groups to prepare an Olympic Bid for 2028. Alongside their 6t… https://t.co/f5frmR4Xee
Thu 14th Feb, 11.03am Congratulations to the Year 8 netball team who won the Calderdale District Tournament yesterday. A fantastic perfo… https://t.co/AxW0rj6Iw0
Wed 13th Feb, 11.49am THERE'S STILL TIME. We are recruiting singers & musicians for the NHGS Music Competition. If your son or daughter i… https://t.co/hg3fUu1ld3
Wed 13th Feb, 9.43am 2of2. Special thanks to Sue Smith of the NHGS PA for sourcing all ingredients and delivering the soups to The Gathe… https://t.co/e28sDsobWU
Wed 13th Feb, 9.43am 1of2. Miss Youssefbeygi would like to celebrate the effort and enthusiasm that students put into the community even… https://t.co/OSK8Sl1HSy