Welcome from our Principal

Watch our introductory video

Welcome from our Principal

As an academically selective school, we do live, and indeed love, to learn - and our success in this respect can be seen year on year in the outstanding GCSE and A Level results that our students achieve.  Of equal importance to academic study, however, is our commitment to helping our students to learn to live and we hope our website will allow you to see something of how we go about this important business.

We hope you will easily find what you are looking for here on our website. If not, please email us or phone us with your enquiry and we will do our very best to answer it as soon as possible.

While you are here, please take some time to look at our pictures and videos. We believe they will give you a fascinating insight into what our school is all about.  The formal welcome from our Principal, Mr Fisher, is here and is a good place to begin your visit.

Enjoy your virtual visit!

Adverse Weather

Sign up to Twitter: https://twitter.com/nhgs for updates on school closures due to adverse weather. Updates will also be put on the school website

Watch our introductory video
Mon 15th Jan, 7.25pm This morning's demolition is going well and looks strangely therapeutic! #NHGS #Buildingourchildrensfuture #Halifaxhttps://t.co/Nc5uaDTAVt
Mon 15th Jan, 4.01pm It's a tight squeeze but the machinery was getting into place this morning to demolish our old mobile classrooms. W… https://t.co/8q1gfo7DYf
Mon 15th Jan, 1.08pm NHGS team makes the final round of the West Yorkshire Police Cyber Competition. Good luck to our team of students w… https://t.co/aK1A9L6pK2
Fri 12th Jan, 12.46pm FIRST BOW CONCERT TICKETS 24 & 25 JAN 2018 Our Y7 & 8 students, directed by Y12 students, are busy preparing to pr… https://t.co/mJPdhDyt7c
Thu 21st Dec, 12.15pm The End of Term concert is well underway. The staff dance was excellent as always!!
Wed 20th Dec, 11.38am Mr Haworth is certainly in the swing of things with his turkey hat! https://t.co/PyzfO1a9xW
Wed 20th Dec, 11.36am Mr Fisher, Mr Wood and Mrs Casson all helping serve today's Christmas Dinner! https://t.co/4pjiTn3yId
Tue 19th Dec, 10.27pm RT @JoanneK1012: @NHGS lovely Carol Service this evening, the choir and readers were brilliant. Starting to feel like Christmas now!
Tue 19th Dec, 3.07pm The choirs and musicians sounded fantastic this afternoon. Give yourselves a treat and join us for our service at 7.15 in the Minster.
Tue 19th Dec, 11.38am Tonight is the school's annual Carol Service @HalifaxMinster . We invite friends of the school to attend this wonde… https://t.co/UVTl6kSzXV