Welcome from our Principal

As an academically selective school, we do live, and indeed love, to learn - and our success in this respect can be seen year on year in the outstanding GCSE and A Level results that our students achieve.  Of equal importance to academic study, however, is our commitment to helping our students to learn to live and we hope our website will allow you to see something of how we go about this important business.

We hope you will easily find what you are looking for here on our website. If not, please email us or phone us with your enquiry and we will do our very best to answer it as soon as possible.

While you are here, please take some time to look at our pictures and videos. We believe they will give you a fascinating insight into what our school is all about.  The formal welcome from our Principal, Mr Fisher, is here and is a good place to begin your visit.  Enjoy your virtual visit!

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Mon 15th Oct, 7.58pm Y7 Rugby League training tomorrow and Friday THIS WEEK with WJD. Comp @ Ryburn 24th October. Bring any kit; boots needed.
Mon 15th Oct, 5.30pm Tom from NHGS Sixth Form is holding CPR sessions for Y7 tomorrow, as part of Restart a Heart Day @YorksAmbulance. T… https://t.co/6HaDudVjyO
Sat 13th Oct, 11.04am Grey skies & BIG SMILES
Sat 13th Oct, 7.11am Non-stop rain & high winds for 48 hrs - last night our Gold DofE students had to get into their wet tents, in their… https://t.co/eWnyFpFM3w
Fri 12th Oct, 3.43pm More news from our Gold DofE camp - the weather has been really nasty, but all groups have made it back.They just h… https://t.co/u7qVGfXQe3
Fri 12th Oct, 2.23pm Congratulations to our Star of the Week -Mrs Beresford for the Y7 Haworth Trip. Big thanks to all that helped. The… https://t.co/R3PfZfzpSu
Fri 12th Oct, 8.36am Some photos from NHGS Gold DofE basecamp yesterday evening. Drying off gear, refuelling and preparing for the day a… https://t.co/g1wc24eVRa
Fri 12th Oct, 8.36am Dramatic scenes from Snowdonia taken by our Gold DofE team this earlier morning. The weather has definitely changed… https://t.co/N66bu0Fy48
Thu 11th Oct, 7.40am A photo of our Gold DofE students getting ready for Day 2. What a difference a day makes - the weather is going to… https://t.co/Lt1mEjdmSN
Wed 10th Oct, 11.48am The NHGS PA do an amazing job raising funds for the school, but they cannot do it without the support of the wider… https://t.co/ep3oWeybDJ