Curriculum (Living to Learn)

This section takes you to the heart of the school's mission to educate. Please click on the relevant links below.

The school curriculum aims to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding, skills and attitude to satisfy economic, cultural, social, personal and environmental goals.

 The school curriculum should:

  • Satisfy future economic needs for individuals and for the workforce as a whole, including the development of secure knowledge and skills in communication, literacy and mathematics, and confidence in acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Help students to appreciate the national cultures, traditions and values of the UK, whilst recognising diversity and encouraging responsible citizenship.
  • Provide opportunities for participation in a broad range of educational experiences and the acquisition of knowledge and appreciation in the arts, sciences and humanities.
  • Support personal development and empowerment so that each pupil is able to develop as a healthy, balanced and self-confident individual and fulfil their educational potential.