Pastoral (Learning to Live)

This page takes you to the heart of the school's mission to develop outstanding young citizens.

Our curriculum is much more than the subjects on the timetable. Our outstanding ethos and culture extend to all areas of life in and out of school. The modern world is full of challenges, some of them unexpected, but we aim to equip all of our students with the skills and attributes they need in order to navigate life with confidence. 

We teach all of our students to respect themselves, to respect other people and to respect their environment. We develop their moral compasses as well as helping them to move in the right direction in relation to their learning and future employment. We help them to gain understanding of, and confidence in, themselves. When problems arise, we work with our students and thair families to find solutions.

Our pastoral care for students is second to none and we offer specialist support for a range of common barriers to learning and well-being. We believe that a happy student is much more likely to be a successful student.