Spread your Wings

The Origin of the the word Ambition is in the Greek root Ambit. This actually means wingspan and changes how we at NHGS view ambition.

While you can be ambitious for careers and success, in climbing the proverbial ladder, it is perhaps more important that you are ambitious to grow and develop; to become the best version of yourself.

That is why we have created our Ambit programme. The programme aims to cover all of the extra-curricular opportunities offered to our students from Year 7 to Year 13. Within the programme you have a host of clubs and activities to engage in. You have opportunities to follow programmes such as the DofE, to develop leadership skills and take part in an exciting range of trips and visits both national and international.

By enabling you to "spread your wings" we offer you the chance to discover new interests and a new perspective on the world.

"Just being part of this wonderful experience has not only helped me to explore my potential but has also helped me realise I can truly have an impact in this world with the power of my voice alone"

Vrati, NHGS student, 2nd place in the Yorkshire Speak Out Challenge