Exam Results

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GCSE Results 2019

The excellent GCSE results this year are yet again a reflection of the hard work our students have put in over their time with us.  They have been ably supported by the teaching and support staff, as well as by their families and friends.  Everyone involved should feel very proud.

Our Attainment 8 score of 68.3 is up slightly on last year.  Some 90% of our students achieved 5 or more strong passes at Grade 5 or above (including English and mathematics).  This rose to 97.5% for 5 standard passes at Grade 4 or above (equivalent to the old “C” grade).  In fact 73 of our students achieved 7 or more passes at grade 7 or above (equivalent to an old “A” grade).  70 students achieved at least one or more grade 9, with the top performing student in school achieving a clean sweep of 10 grade 9s, one for every subject taken.  18 students achieved an amazing 4 or more grade 9s each.  Simply awesome!

The curriculum at NHGS is, however, about much more than just exam results. Over the last five years all of our year 11 students have grown personally through the broad range of experiences we offer and are ready for their next steps.  For the vast majority, this means progressing into our thriving sixth form to receive the best preparation possible for the university course and/or career path of their own choosing.  We congratulate all of our students and wish them the very best for the future, wherever their destination lies.

 Roger Haworth (Vice Principal).

A Level Results 2019

Students at the North Halifax Grammar School have once again demonstrated their determination, resilience and abilities by achieving an excellent set of A Level results. 

The overall pass rate (A*-E) was a fantastic 100%. Over half of all of the grades achieved were at the highest grades of A*, A and B, and 60 students achieved AAB or better. Over 80% of the exams taken resulted in a grade C or better, with the vast majority of grades achieved in demanding academic subjects.  

Many students achieved A*/A grades in all 3 or more of their subjects, with one student achieving a staggering 4 straight A* grades and another 5 students achieving 3 straight A*s. 27 different students achieved one or more of the very top A* grades.

Students are moving on to a wide range of destinations and courses: most are moving on to further academic study at universities including Cambridge and Russell Groups universities with one student moving on to study at NYU, Abu Dhabi and another going to a London Dance College.  An increased number of students have received offers of Higher Level Apprenticeships at prestigious organisations such as the BBC, GSK, KPMG, PWC and the NHS.

The Principal, Andrew Fisher, commented:

“These are an excellent set of results from a remarkable group of students who have flourished and made great progress in the sixth form. They are not only bright, but they are also personable, caring and supportive students whose talents are many and various, and I am proud to have worked with them.  At NHGS we aim to equip students with the skills and abilities to navigate life with confidence and set courses of their own choosing, and the range of destinations that these students have chosen demonstrate the achievement of this goal. 

These fantastic results are testament to the hard work of not only the students, but also the staff who have worked tirelessly to educate, support and inspire them over the last two years. I know, that like me, they will want to congratulate these students and wish them all the very best as they move on to the next phase of their lives.”