Exam Results


GCSE students at NHGS have again achieved an excellent set of exam results, coping very well with new specifications and the new terminal examinations in most subjects.

52 of our students (over one third of the year group) achieved 7 or more GCSEs at Grade 7 to 9 or A*/A with 24 students achieving 7 or more subjects at Grade 8 or above. Almost 70% of entries were at Grade 6 or better (the top end of the B grade on the A* to G scale). This is a terrific performance given that all NHGS students tackle a tough academic curriculum involving compulsory sciences and modern foreign languages. In fact, 99.4% of our students achieved 5 or more strong passes. (A strong pass is grade 5 or better on the 1 to 9 scale.)

Roger Haworth (Vice Principal) commented:

“This group of students applied themselves very well and achieved a great set of exam results. This has involved recall of a lot of information for a large number of examinations at the end of Year 11, and almost all have reached their potential through hard work and commitment to academic excellence

At NHGS this is achieved through cooperation between students, teachers and support staff; all have played their part. This cohort will move on to higher study with confidence and well equipped for the challenges ahead through the range of skills they have acquired in “Learning to Live” as well as “Living to Learn”.