Year 7 Activity Day

As part of the transition programme from primary school to NHGS, all Year 7 form groups (along with their Student Progress Tutor) attend a day trip to 'Another World' adventure centre, this normally takes place in September.

These photographs show the individual and team building activities that students get involved in whilst at the 'Another World' adventure centre. These activities are designed to improve communication, develop leadership skills and get students working co-operatively.

"I think that Another World Adventure was the best way to help with transitioning from primary and secondary school. I really liked it because it helped with communication and communicating with people." (Hashim, Year 7 student, 2021)

Toboggan Track

"It was a great way to get to know your classmates better and to find out about them and what they like or don’t like to do." (Annabel, Year 7 student, 2021)

Safe Archery

"It allowed me to get to know people even more and build a closer friendships. It helps to know that I'm not the only one who is looking for friends. It was really fun and even the teachers got involved." (Iris, Year 7 student, 2021) 

Go Kart Building and Racing

"The activities, particularly the go-kart building, really helped team camaraderie and made my group tighter knit." (Rory, Year 7 student, 2021)

Slingshot and Paintballs

"The Year 7 activity trip helped with my transition because I had a lot of fun with my form and I got to know them better." (Thomas, Year 7 student, 2021)

Low Ropes

"I gained stronger relationships by spending loads of time having fun with my form." (Josh, Year 7 student, 2021)