Mathematics - Year 7


Year 7 at NHGS is the first year of our 2-year Key Stage 3 course. Our course is based upon the National curriculum for Mathematics KS3 Programme of study. Students are taught in mixed ability form groups.

Year 7 students all cover the same work. Through direction and negotiation with the teacher, students are encouraged to work at a level that challenges them. Teachers use a range of resources including; problem solving activities, puzzles and skills check.

The Pearson KS3 Maths progress books are used in lessons, allowing students to complete work independently at levels relevant to them. There are also  further levels of extension available to all students when appropriate, a set of challenge questions and a set of problem solving questions.

Course Content

Autumn Term

  • Rounding: Decimal place and significant figures
  • Factors multiples and primes. Squares and square roots
  • Prime factors, LCM, HCF, indices, estimation.
  • Negative numbers and BIDMAS
  • Forming algebraic expressions;Collecting like terms and vocab of algebra.
  • Expanding and factorising single brackets
  • Substitution
  • Sequences, nth terms.
  • Ratios: sharing an amount, writing as a fraction, direct proportion
  • Fractions: Ordering, Equivalent FDP

Spring Term

  • Fractions: Add, subtract, multiply and divide, including mixed numbers.
  • Percentages: increase, decrease, percentage change, repeated change, reverse percentage.
  • Solving linear equations; one/two step equations and equations with variables on both sides.
  • Reading scales and maps
  • Measuring and drawing angles
  • Constructing triangles
  • Interior and Exterior Angles: Triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons.
  • Angles on parallel lines
  • Perimeter and area: polygons and compound shapes

Summer Term

  • Area and circumference of circles
  • Linear graphs: gradient, intercept, y=mx+c, parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • Metric and imperial units.
  • Rearrange equations and formulae.
  • Module situations/conversion graphs.
  • Transformations: translation, reflection, rotation, enlargement, combined.
  • 3D shapes: Nets, planes of symmetry and plans of elevation.


Homework is set each week and varies from consolidation, stretch and challenge to online learning and revision. Students have access to further optional, independent homework set online.


Assessment is a formal test in the Autumn and spring term. There is also an end of Year 7 assessment in the summer term. Emphasis is placed upon teachers and students diagnosing strengths and areas for improvement. Identified weaknesses are reviewed before progressing to new work. Students also do low stakes quizzes each term. These consist of multiple choice questions which students can choose from. They highlight any misconceptions which can be corrected.

Useful Links and Information

Students who find the transition from Primary school challenging will be invited to join a Booster group that is led by an experienced maths teacher which is at lunchtime.

Chess club is on Tuesday and Thursday.