History - Year 7


Start 2 year course on ‘How did Britain change 1066-1945?’ by looking at Britain 1066-1900.

Course Content

Autumn Term

1066- 1500: England in the Middle Ages

Topic 1: The Norman Conquest

  • What was England like in the 1060s?
  • Who should be king in 1066?
  • Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?
  • How did William gain and keep control of England?
  • Was the Norman Conquest a good thing for the English people?

Topic 2: Medieval Life

  • How did a Medieval person think?
  • What did the Medieval world look like?
  • Who held the most power in the medieval world?
  • How does Medieval Life compare to today?

Spring Term

1500-1750: England under the Tudors and Stuarts

Topic 1: Tudor England

  • Why can the Tudor period be described as a religious rollercoaster?
  • What were the secrets of Elizabeth’s success?

Topic 2: Stuart England

  • What were the causes of the English Civil War?
  • Why did Parliament win?
  • Why did the English execute their king? Was it right?
  • Why did they want the King back?
  • How modern was Britain in the early 1700s?

Summer Term

1750-1900 Industrial Britain

Topic 1: The Industrial Revolution

  • How and why did Britain change so rapidly 1750-1900?
  • Can this change be seen as progress?
  • What was like to be a child during this period?

Topic 2: Britain’s role in the Slave Trade

  • How did the Slave Trade start?
  • Why was it so profitable?
  • What was life like for slaves on the Middle Passage and on Plantations?
  • Why was slavery abolished?
  • How did Britain change 1066-1900?


Weekly, 30 minutes; a mix of reading, research, answering questions, preparing for group work, creative tasks, and revision for assessments.


Formative throughout the year via marking of books and feedback in class.

Two to three assessments per year, in line with the assessment calendar. Assessments include factual recall, source work, short answer questions and short essays.

Useful Links and Information

BBC Bitesize / KS3 / Medieval England and the wider world 1066-1500 

BBC Bitesize / KS3 / Britain 1509-1745

BBC Bitesize / KS3 / Britain and the wider world 1745 -1901

The best way to support your son/daughter in this subject is to help us foster a love of the subject. For example talk about the work they are doing at school, visit historical sites, watch historical films and documentaries, read historical books, and most importantly discuss the influence of history on your family, current affairs, our locality, and all our day-to-day lives.