Geography - Year 7


In Year 7 the Geography schemes of work aim to build up the student’s knowledge and skills to be able to understand the world around them.

Course Content

Autumn Term

Students will begin the course by looking at what the study of geography entails, before progressing onto the understanding of river features, processes and landforms.

Spring Term

Students will begin the term studying map skills in order to gain the confidence to use and extract information from maps, globes and the use of atlas. In the second half of the term students will study weather and climate. In the second term students will study economic geographical issues through the study of the global fashion industry. This is to develop an understanding of the economic world through a topic and industry that they have some experience of. We look at a range of issues around how clothes are produced and supplied.

Summer Term

Students will spend the term looking at meteorological processes and how they influence climate and weather.


Homework will be set  in line with the school’s policy at KS3. It could be  creative, research or a learning homework depending on the nature of the material required to support the student’s work in class.


Books will be marked in accordance with the school marking policy. Low stakes formative assessment tasks are used regularly to gauge student progress as well as summative assessment like the end of unit tests. There is a formal exam at the end of the year to determine the progress made by students in the year.

Useful Links and Information

There are free online resources such as the Key Stage 3 Bitesize support material on the website. CGP has compiled a useful key stage 3 study support  guide which is a useful accompaniment to the course and will help with support on the course, homework and revision. The ISBN for this product is 9781841463926 if parents wish to purchase a copy for students. Copies are available for students to use in the school LRC.

BBC Bitesize - Key Stage 3 Geography