Science - Year 7


An introduction to Science which is designed to give students the knowledge and skills required to successfully transition to studying the separate subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 8. The course utilises the ‘Big Ideas’ identified as the basis to deeply understand the important concepts encountered in Science.

Course Content

Autumn Term

  • Forces – Speed and Gravity
  • Matter – Particle model and Separating mixtures
  • Organisms – Movement and Cells

Spring Term

  • Electromagnets – Voltage and resistance and Current
  • Reactions – Metals and non-metals and Acids and alkalis
  • Ecosystems – Interdependence and Plant Reproduction

Summer Term

  • Energy – Energy costs and Energy transfer
  • Genes – Variation and Human reproduction
  • Waves – Sound and Light


Homework is set weekly, where appropriate. Tasks could be research, answering questions from the online textbook or revision for tests etc. It is expected that tasks should take no more than twenty minutes.


Formative assessment can be found in almost all Science lessons. Quick quizzes, Kahoot and use of students mini white boards just being three examples of this.

Summative assessments are set at the end of each term; these are a mix of questions which mirror the ‘know, apply, extend’ structure of lessons. This allows students of all abilities to be challenged

Useful Links and Information

All students have access to, and students can use the online textbook to support their studies. is also a very good source of information.

Parents can support their children by testing the knowledge part of each topic, to embed the foundation information required to succeed in Science.