Art - Year 7


The Year 7 Art and Design course encourages students to extend the range and depth of their existing skills as they develop an understanding of the basic elements of Art. Greater experience and confidence in handling various media and processes for creative work is gained during a sequence of projects which introduce students to new approaches and methods of working. 


Unit 1: Portraiture
Students will learn how to correctly proportion a face and develop skills in mark making, observational drawing, discussing Art works and painting.

Unit 2: Landscapes
Students will study a range of Artistic and Architectural influences to create work in drawing, collage and ceramics.


Students are set a homework pack in which they can select a number of tasks to complete. 

Booklets are collected in and assessed fortnightly.


Students will receive regular assessment at three intervals during each unit. Assessment Reviews and written comments on completed work identify achievement and suggest areas and methods for improvement, and new objectives for progress.