Art - Year 7


The Year 7 Art and Design course encourages students to extend the range and depth of their existing skills as they develop an understanding of the basic elements of Art. Greater experience and confidence in handling various media and processes for creative work is gained during a sequence of projects which introduce students to new approaches and methods of working.


Autumn - Spring
Unit 1: The Elements of Art
Students will be introduced to the formal elements and how to use them in their work, and how to interpret and discuss them in the work of others. A broad selection of Artists informs a final outcome in mixed media, based around the theme of Natural Form. Colour mixing, mark making, freehand & measured drawing and tonal shading are all covered in this unit.
Spring - Summer

Unit 2: Landscapes
Students will study a range of Artists in response to the theme of Landscapes. Mark making and freehand drawing skills are revisited in observational studies. Collage, colour theory and relief ceramics are introduced in development work and final outcomes.

Unit 3: Portraiture
Students will learn how to proportion a face correctly, identifying basic facial structure. Observational drawing skills are further developed through a tonal self portrait. Inspired by research into the Pop Art movement, students experiment with collage and oil pastel monoprint. These prints are then manipulated in PhotoShop to produce a packaging design.


For KS3 homework is set as and when appropriate. Fewer, more in-depth homework tasks are set along with quick research tasks to reinforce and stimulate learning in the classroom.


Students are given ongoing verbal and peer assessment in lessons and are encouraged to reflect on their work critically at key points in their development. In line with exam board requirements students are assessed in three main areas - observation, development of ideas informed by research and final outcomes.

Assessment Reviews and written comments on completed work identify achievement and suggest areas and methods for improvement, and new objectives for progress.

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