A Level Design & Technology - Product Design

52% of students achieved A* - B grades

Three-year average of A Level results for this subject.

Why choose to study D&T Product Design at NHGS Sixth Form?

  • Our well-qualified staff are based in multiple material areas and have a wealth of experience. 
  • Teaching is enhanced by trips to factories, exhibitions and manufacturing centres such as Jaguar/LandRover.
  • All students are supported to make individual, creative and unique outcomes in their interest areas, supported by our dedicated technician who offers one-to-one support, with CAD-CAM facilities such as an Apple iMac suite, 3D printer and laser cutter


“I really enjoy Product Design, we have the freedom to research and make our own products that are influenced by our own interests. It makes you think outside the box in all subjects you study, not just technology. It has helped me widen my appreciation of the world of design and has made me want to get involved in making and developing products to change the world.”

Design & Technology: Product Design A Level Course Flyer, NHGS Sixth Form

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Examination Board: AQA A Level Product Design

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