A Level Biology

60% of students achieved A* - B grades

Three-year average of A Level results for this subject.

Why choose to study Biology at NHGS Sixth Form?

  • Biology at NHGS is taught by experienced and enthusiastic teachers from a background of different biological fields. We share resources and collaborate to ensure that students get the best possible experience.
  • The popularity of Biology within NHGS Sixth Form is illustrated by the fact that over one third of the Sixth Form students study the subject.
  • Practical work forms the cornerstone of our course and we use university facilities for practicals that we cannot do in-house.

“Biology was my favourite subject, I really enjoyed the range of activities in lessons and it gave me a foundation for my choice of Degree. I found it challenging but rewarding and the teacher was always willing to help and made sure I understood the things I found difficult."

Biology A Level Course Flyer, NHGS Sixth Form 

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Examination Board: AQA A Level Biology

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