A Level Psychology

60% of students achieved A* - B grades

Three-year average of A Level results for this subject.

Why choose to study Psychology at NHGS Sixth Form?

  • Students are introduced to the work of the most influential psychologists by passionate and well-qualified staff. They study the impact these renowned figures have had on the world we live in and are always encouraged to make links to real-life examples.
  • Engaging and lively debate by enthusiastic and informed A level students really enhances the learning. A bespoke revision conference, held in school and led by an experienced senior examiner, allows students to gain further valuable insight into the demands of the examination.

“Psychology is one of the most relevant subjects in the Sixth Form. It doesn’t just give you an A Level grade, it enhances your understanding of people and the world around you.  It is my favourite subject! It has lots of interesting topics and the teachers are very passionate and enthusiastic in all lessons.”

Psychology A Level Course Flyer, NHGS Sixth Form

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Examination Board: AQA A Level Psychology

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