Enrichment Programme

Why do we have a Sixth Form Enrichment Programme?

It is no longer enough to simply to do well in academic subjects in order to secure at place at university or a good job. Both university admissions tutors and employers now increasingly look for more.

They want to see rounded individuals who have explored their potential. They want to see Sixth Formers gathering experience in different areas in order to develop a broad range of skills and attributes. Universities are also interested in whether a student has the ability to effectively manage a wide range of activities alongside their academic work, thus revealing both their organisational skills and personal qualities. It is precisely for these reasons that we are committed to a full enrichment programme here at North Halifax Grammar School.

Students' involvement in North Halifax Grammar School's enrichment programme also ensures that our students continue to be active members of the school community, often gaining valuable leadership experience and preparing them for the world outside our gates. While students are expected to participate in at least one extracurricular activity, most of our students will be involved in many more enrichment opportunities. 

Core Enrichment

Wednesday afternoons as devoted to the Core Enrichment Programme. All Year 12 students choose from a range of activities including mentoring in local primary schools, sports, cooking, a touch typing course and relevant work experience. 

Optional Enrichment

Some of the current optional enrichment activities on offer include:

First Bow

Write and produce plays with a cast of Year 7 & 8 students.

First Aid

Complete a certificated First Aid course with external tutors.

Young Enterprise Group

Year 12 students form companies running a range of activities and developing general business skills.

Lepra Action group

Help fight diseases of poverty


Developing thinking and communication skills, either for fun or in competitions.

Amnesty International

A Human Rights support group. Pupils organise a wide variety of events designed to raise money and awareness.

Sign Language

A certified course with an external provider.

Chess Club

Play friendly games to take part in a chess ladder.


For students who intend to pursue a career in Medicine.


Gain a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language.
Duke of Edinburgh

Opportunities up to Gold DofE.

Sporting Activities

For example football, netball, hockey and athletics.

Musical Activities

For example rock choir, swing band, orchestra, concert band, mixed-voice choir and a variety of chamber ensembles. Or play your own rock band in the Christmas concert.

Rotary Interact Charity Committee

Interact is Rotary International's Service Club for young people. Each Year, students coordinate fundraising for a variety of charities.