Our Members

Members hold the trust board to account for the effective governance of the trust, but have a minimal role in the actual running of the trust. It is the trust board, not the Members, who are the school's key decision makers.  Members assess if the board of trustees is performing well, and that the purpose of the trust and its charitable objectives are being fulfilled. The trust board is responsible for delivering the three core governance functions and for conducting the 'business of the trust'.

What do Members do?

  • Sign the memorandum and articles of association;
  • Determine the name of the trust;
  • Appoint Members and trustees;
  • Appoint and remove auditors;
  • View the annual accounts and reports;
  • Ensure the success of the trust and
  • Members can dissolve the trusts.

Please contact Mrs P Wright, Governance Professional To The Academy Trust & Governance Board, for more information (clerk@nhgs.co.uk, 01422 244625).