Summer Reading Challenge

What are you doing this Summer?

Travel through the unknown…

  • Discover a new world
  • Broaden your mind
  • Let your imagination run wild

    20 minutes of reading each day will enhance your learning, playing and relaxing.

NHGS Summer Reading Challenge

Read six books. Choose at least three by authors listed on the website for your year group.

Write the author and title on your challenge form. If you've lost the form, you can download a copy here.

Ask you parents to sign to confirm that you have read them.

Bring back to your English teacher in September.

Top Tips

  • The more you read, the better reader you become
  • If you enjoy an author read all the other books they have written
  • Look for books in your favourite genre but don’t be afraid to try something different.
  • If you’ve enjoyed a book recommend it to your friends
  • Give books a chance - you usually have to read at least 30 pages to get into a book