Useful Links

Useful Links


Coronavirus: how to protect your mental health. 

A podcast - coping with self-isolation together[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL02]-[PS_SOUNDS~C~~P_Selfisolationpodcast]   

Health Check UK Live - how to stay healthy with Dr Zand Van Tulleken 

BBC Sport's Five things to do today: listen, read, watch, join, do...   

Have a living-room disco with these One Show upbeat tunes!  

Funny podcasts to lighten the mood. I haven't listened to them all, so watch out for any inappropriate content for your teens!   

How to stay happy during this madness.  

Some current experiences of anxiety and how three women used various strategies to cope with it.

How to maintain your broadband connection: pretty vital stuff these days! 

Try this 'Keep calm carry on' podcast to soothe your troubled minds. Try 20 minutes of relaxation in these times of madness. 

How families can cope with self-isolating together? 

How to help kids cope with life without school  

Joe Wicks 10-minute low intensity workout whilst working at a screen. It says 'for seniors', but it's good for all of us!!  

More Joe Wicks daily exercise. Make sure you stretch out and warm up, and only work at your current level.  

Open Minds have lots of help and support for parents  

How to exercise while staying at home ;) There will also be keep-fit on the telly from The Green Goddess (Google her, you youngsters!) if you’re concerned about elderly relatives keeping well.