Welcome from our Principal

Watch our introductory video

Welcome from our Principal

As an academically selective school, we do live, and indeed love, to learn - and our success in this respect can be seen year on year in the outstanding GCSE and A Level results that our students achieve.  Of equal importance to academic study, however, is our commitment to helping our students to learn to live and we hope our website will allow you to see something of how we go about this important business.

We hope you will easily find what you are looking for here on our website. If not, please email us or phone us with your enquiry and we will do our very best to answer it as soon as possible.

While you are here, please take some time to look at our pictures and videos. We believe they will give you a fascinating insight into what our school is all about.  The formal welcome from our Principal, Mr Fisher, is here and is a good place to begin your visit.

Enjoy your virtual visit!

Watch our introductory video
Sat 12th Aug, 8.21am @Louisa_cole They did taste amazing!!
Sat 12th Aug, 8.21am RT @Louisa_cole: School are lit making me wish i never left, might try get a job there just to eat these brownies again https://t.co/aGzsUa…
Fri 11th Aug, 1.12pm How about a photo of the chocolate brownies & strawberries from our #LaunchEvent to give you that #FridayFeeling!… https://t.co/sUVs9zSdJ9
Fri 4th Aug, 1.45pm @RosieDavies1234 Hi Rosie, the girls blazer is from Sept 17 for Year 7, then compulsory from Sept 18. But happy for… https://t.co/q1wqf2REOD
Fri 4th Aug, 11.21am Huge thanks to our developers @CarefootPlc for these amazing photos
Fri 4th Aug, 11.16am If you missed our Grand Opening, enjoy a walk through our impressive new state of the art Sports Hall #Proudhttps://t.co/0xSk3RlvfW
Mon 24th Jul, 5.30pm When @SouthCravenSch ex-student & gold medallist @Danielle10488 met her former teacher @NHGS! Thanks @KeighleyNewshttps://t.co/h7jEFvvyMz
Mon 24th Jul, 7.30am Our students did us proud at our recent Business Luncheon. Here's 2 of our Head Girls, Tia Clifford Y12 & Nancy Car… https://t.co/Pz6jlDHLEa
Fri 21st Jul, 7.00pm SCHOOL'S OUT! We've had such a fabulous end to the Summer term so thought we'd give you a Friday round-up of last w… https://t.co/bdmCrw8lNu
Fri 21st Jul, 5.28pm RT @NHGSPA: Have a lovely holiday everyone and don't forget to send in unwanted currency for our collection in September! @NHGS https://t.c…