Identification Badge

You will receive your personal identification (ID) badge at the beginning of term. This is issued free of charge.

The ID Badge is made up of three parts:

  • A lanyard with a breakaway & clip
  • A card holder
  • Your identification card

Your ID Badge has several important functions

  • Printing  and copying  - you can log into the machines with your ID Badge to access your printing and to photocopy
  • Unlocking doors as you move around school 
  • To pay for food and drink - Parents & Carers can load money onto your ParentPay account so that you may buy food and drink from the Dining Room

When you receive your ID Badge, a ring will be fastened to the lanyard.  This ring is for your locker key, it is important that you use this ring and not the clip which can be easily damaged.

Looking after your ID Badge - Common Reasons for Damage to Cards, Card Holders and Lanyard

  • Using the breakaway on your lanyard as a means to remove your ID
  • Chewing your card
  • Hanging keys on the clip – use the O ring provided.

If you lose, damage or deface your ID your Parents & Carers will need to purchase new one on ParentPay.

Replacement Costs

Your first ID Badge is issued free of charge, replacement items will be charged as follows:





Card Holder


Identification Card

£5 - for the first replacement card
£10 - for the second replacement card
£20 - for additional replacement cards

Payment can be made via ParentPay, click on the payment box and change cost for required parts, an email to with a request for a new card is required before any new cards are printed.

Please speak to Mrs Stott in the Reprographics room if you have any issues with your card, including printing, door security around school and the entry system log in.