Hamper Raffle

The Hamper Raffle is one of our major fundraisers, raising between £4 and £6K each year. 

The money raised goes towards important initiatives that the school would not be able to afford out of their normal budget.

We have to do things a little differently this year. The Parents' Association have put this website together so that you can easily find information about the raffle in 2020, and how to support the Parents' Association and ultimately the school. 

Hamper Raffle Website (information about this year's processes, examples of previous hampers and tips, plus regular updates on the amount raised and 'leader board').

Hamper Raffle Ticket Form (to submit details of the tickets you have sold. Please remember to pay for the tickets on Parent Pay). 

Parent Pay (please pay for tickets on Parent Pay, the deadline for payments is Monday 14th December, at 9am).