Exam Results


Exam Results

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Year 11 students at The North Halifax Grammar School have yet again produced a tremendous set of examination results. All of the 155 students who took their GCSEs this summer achieved at least 5 A* to C passes, with 97% of those including English and Mathematics. In fact, more than 90% of the students achieved not just 5, but 10 or more of these “high level passes”. Once again, well over half of all of the grades obtained by the school’s students were at the highest grades of A* and A, and over 80% were at grade B or better. 28 students achieved 5 or more of the top A* grades while nearly a third of the pupils secured 10 or more A* and A grades. Seven students achieved the remarkable feat of claiming ten or more A*s: William Bingham, Morgan Evans, Aleksandra Karkoszka, Katie Nunn, Sophie Roberts, Aisha Wheatley and Bradley Wilson. They deserve huge congratulations, as do many others. In addition to them, another 52 students achieved 8 or more A* and A grades which is a phenomenal achievement, especially as these grades are now becoming significantly harder to reach because of examination reforms. Given the national spotlight on mathematics, it is worth noting that nearly three quarters of NHGS students achieved an A* or A in maths and over 95% of them achieved a grade B or better.

Headteacher, Andrew Fisher, said, “I applaud all of our Year 11 students for their efforts over the duration of their courses. Some people are fond of denigrating young people but I have huge admiration for our students; for their wonderful attitude and for their appetite for hard work. The move to terminal examinations, the removal of Speaking and Listening marks from the overall assessment in English and a number of other changes over the last couple of years have made life harder for the current crop of students and yet they have persevered and, in most cases, triumphed. Of course, they could not have achieved so much without some help along the way, both from their families and from my fantastic colleagues. Schools live or die by the quality of their teachers and I am lucky to work with such a talented and dedicated team. Well done to them too.”

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At A / Level

Students at The North Halifax Grammar School have once again achieved exceptional A Level results. Between them, the students did not fail a single examination, thus achieving an extraordinary 100% A*/E pass rate. As usual at the school, well over 60% of the grades achieved were at the top grades of A*, A and B. 35 students achieved at least one A* grade (meaning they gained over 90% in their A2 Units) with 8 students securing two or more A*s. These absolutely stand-out performances came from Alex Benn (4 A*s), Georgina Robinson (whose father teaches at the school, 3A*s) and from Bilal Ahmed, Alex Bradley, Faye Ilsley, Gareth Lomax, Thomas McAuliffe and Cameon Wells (all achieving 2 A*s along with their other grades). 43 students gained results of 2 A grades and a B or better, with 29 of those securing grades of 3 As or better. Such grades give students an almost free choice of the best universities and some students, who have exceeded even their own expectations, might well be able to apply to even more prestigious courses as a result. Despite university offers being based on the study of just 3 A levels, 19 students successfully took on the additional challenge of a fourth A Level, just to make life interesting! Well done to all of them.

Headteacher, Andrew Fisher, said, “I am delighted that all of the hard work by our students and staff over the last two years has been rewarded by another set of fantastic results. People sometimes assume that a grammar school should automatically achieve outstanding grades but the entry requirements for our sixth form are lower than for many other schools and colleges and our value added scores are as strong as our raw results. We are as pleased for those students who achieve more modest grades as we are for those who achieve the headline-grabbing results. All of our students will be able to progress to destinations of choice, whether that means higher education, further education, employment or training and that means a great deal to me and all of my team. Huge congratulations to everyone concerned.”