Business - Year 12


 The course followed is the Pearson Edexcel A Level in Business (9BS0)

Students are encouraged to use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of business, to understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives and to challenge assumptions.

Course Content

Autumn Term

Theme 1: Marketing and people

  • Meeting customer needs – niche vs. mass markets, market research, market positioning
  • The market – demand and supply

Theme 2: Managing business activities

  • Raising finance – funding set up and growth, business liability, business planning
  • Managing finance 1 – sales forecasting, sales revenue, costs, profit, break even, budgets

Spring Term

Theme 1: Marketing and people

  • Marketing mix and strategy – product design, branding, pricing, distribution, marketing strategy
  • Managing people - staffing, recruitment, training, organisational structure, motivating staff

Theme 2: Managing business activities

  • Managing finance 2 – profit, liquidity, business failure
  • Resource management – production, efficiency, capacity utilisation, stock control, quality management

Summer Term

Theme 1: Marketing and people

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders – the role of the entrepreneur, business objectives, forms of business

Theme 2: Managing business activities

  • External influences – economic influences, business law, the competitive environment
  • Revision of both themes in preparation for the end of year exam


Homework is set regularly, and in most instances a week will be given to complete tasks. These tasks will mainly centre on past paper questions and reflect the range of assessment methods used in the final exam. Alongside homework there will be revision tasks, research tasks and the expectation that the students read more widely about the subject.


The subject is assessed at the end of the two year course through 3 exam papers. Questions range from very short responses to 20 mark essay questions, testing 4 assessment criteria:

  • A01 Demonstrate knowledge of terms, concepts, theories, methods and models to show an understanding of how individuals and organisations are affected by and respond to business issues
  • A02 Apply knowledge and understanding to various business contexts to show how individuals and organisations are affected by and respond to issues
  • A03 Analyse issues within business, showing an understanding of the impact on individuals and organisations of external and internal influences
  • A04 Evaluate qualitative and quantitative evidence to make informed judgements and propose evidence-based solutions to business issues

Useful Links and Information

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