Suggested Transition Work


Practice drawing basic 2D and 3D mathematical shapes.  

Develop some background knowledge of colour theory. This could include the positioning of colours on a basic 6 colour wheel and how to identify different colour schemes.

Practicing drawing objects from real life is also beneficial.

Computer Science

Log on to the following websites and try out some of the tutorials.

1)  Scratch -

2) Make Code -

There is no expectation to complete any tasks and nothing needs to be written down or evidenced, they are purely tasks to have fun experimenting and exploring with.


The single most useful - and arguably entertaining - thing your child can do to prepare for secondary school life is to read regularly over the summer. >>Here is a list of recommended reads – created by our Year 7 students.

Please also look at the Summer Writing Challenge. >>Here is a link to the booklet. 


Build knowledge of continents, mountain ranges, rivers, oceans of the world.

Learn some of the physical geography of the UK  (hills / rivers/ seas).

Build knowledge of the human geography of the UK (towns and cities).

Want to do more? Collect geographically related news stories from now until September in a scrap book - this is an engaging way to see the breadth of geography before you start at NHGS in September.


Engage with as much general history as you can in the current situation. For example, watch Horrible Histories and historical dramas, read any history related books, play history board or computer games, do virtual museum tours, then visits to castles etc if allowed.


Please look at the Mathematics transition work. >>Here is the link the the menu page.


Please work on coordinating a throw and catch using both hands.

Look at Joe Wicks videos including strength exercises such as press ups, sit ups, leg squats, plank.

Can you  work continuously for a minimum of 6 minutes without stopping?
If you have a hula hoop or skipping rope - how long can you continue to exercise for before stopping?


Research a Scientist or Engineer you admire, describe what you discovered and why they are to be admired.

Watch, and hopefully have a go at some science activities at home. Please visit: 

BBC Bitesize

Please follow this link for all the latest BBC Bitesize content about starting secondary school. There's lots of advice and information, videos and interactive games to support the transition from primary to secondary.