Principal's Award

The Principal's Award
The award is made annually to students who are able to provide clear evidence of their commitment to the NHGS Vision statement and the school's motto of "Living to Learn, Learning to Live."

To do this, students need to submit a portfolio of evidence to the Principal. The evidence must demonstrate the individual's commitment to their own learning and to participating in a range of enrichment activities, at least some of which need to be for the benefit of others (for example, charity work, mentoring younger students). The evidence must demonstrate high academic standards right across the board and a genuine commitment to contribute positively to school life.

The evidence must include: 

  • A copy of the student's final report for the year of the award (with Attitude to Learning grades 1 and 2 throughout) 
  • The student's planner (kept neat and tidy, graffiti free and with all sections filled in appropriately)
  • Maths and English books/ assessments
  • Books/ work showing high standards across a wide range of other subjects
  • Behaviour for Learning certificates, subject to postcards etc

The evidence could include:

  • Picture/video clips of presentations/assemblies/performances
  • Signed statements/testimonials from staff/other students
  • Certificates/medals/trophies
  • Stories form the school newsletter/press cuttings/website screen captures
  • Anything else that proves your involvement/participation in worthwhile activities which contribute to the health and happiness of our school community or the wider community

The Principal's Award is a highly prestigious award, presented at our annual prize giving ceremony. There are no limits to the number of awards made.  Anyone who can prove they met the criteria by submitting a high quality portfolio can achieve the award. The Principal's decision on whether or not to make the an award or not is final.