PE Kit - September 2020

The following information has been provided to help parents and clear up any confusion.

September 2020

We have received a number of calls from parents regarding PE kit. 

This has been discussed with students during PE lessons, but for clarity - here is the information:

PE Kit Essentials (for use within the actual PE lessons)

  • Red polo shirt (boys and girls) with school badge
  • Black school shorts (boys or girls) or new this year a black skort (girls)
  • Boys can wear the red outdoor rugby shirt if they wish
  • Red socks with NHGS down the back
  • School black tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers fit for a PE lesson

PE Kit Optional Items

  • Red sweatshirt (boys and girls) with school badge
  • New for 2020 - black full length sports leggins (girls)
  • New for 2020 - black base skin layer top (boys and girls)


  • Red polo shirt with school badge or outdoor rugby shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Red socks with NHGS down the back - NO WHITE SOCKS
  • Trainers fit for a PE lesson

Optional items

  • School black tracksuit bottoms -  if it is cold weather (PE staff will decide if it is cold)
  • Red sweatshirt instead of the outdoor rugby shirt


  • Red polo shirt with school badge
  • Black shorts or skort
  • Red sweatshirt with school badge
  • Red socks or full length black sports leggings with white socks
  • Trainers fit for a PE lesson

Please note 

Students must arrive in school and come down to PE with their school shoes on and change into their trainers.

Students wearing additional layers to keep warm to and from school on the bus etc (such as North Face/Adidas/hype/Jack Wills/Reebok/Nike tracksuit bottoms/joggers or sweatshirts/hoodies) WILL NOT be allowed to wear these items during their PE lesson.

COVID Safeguarding

  • Please remember to enter PE via the grey steps
  • Wash/sanitise hands prior to the lesson and after the lesson. 
  • No kit or trainers will be lent out. 
  • If you are injured an email to your teacher would be preferable to a note.