WELL-BEING: Mrs Booth has update the list of useful links... Now you will find links to a…
Mon 30th Mar, 11.07am

Right now..."Is anyone interested in being part of a reading group? Looking at the ebooks on the Calderdale site we…
Mon 30th Mar, 9.51am

NHGS LIBRARY: All students have been invited to access the NHGS Library Online via Google Classroom. Here you will…
Mon 30th Mar, 9.51am How to stay happy during the Coronavirus outbreak. Mrs Booth.
Mon 30th Mar, 8.19am

Year 8 have been doing scale drawing and proportion in Maths this week. I would like to celebrate their work by s…
Fri 27th Mar, 1.26pm

Some current experiences of anxiety and how three women used various strategies to cope with it. Mrs Booth
Fri 27th Mar, 1.22pm

Fri 27th Mar, 1.20pm

WELL-BEING: Here is a really useful guide for staying well and calm in these tricky times. Please also ask students…
Thu 26th Mar, 1.58pm

A message from Doctor Who...
Thu 26th Mar, 11.01am

Starting now
Thu 26th Mar, 8.59am