Spanish - Year 13


The second year of this 2 Year A level course, assessed by WJEC Eduqas, continues to build on the students’ linguistic, knowledge and cultural understanding of Spain and other countries and communities where Spanish is spoken. An opportunity to study literature will allow students to undertake a deeper analysis of language structures and increase their cultural awareness as part of an integrated approach to language learning.  The requirement to research an area of personal interest related to the country/communities where Spanish is spoken will enhance the students’ cultural appreciation and enable them to gain a greater awareness of intercultural differences.

Course Content

Autumn Term

Theme 3: Diversity and difference

  • Migration and integration
  • Cultural identity and marginalisation

Theme 4: The Two Spains – 1936 onwards

  • El franquismo
  • Post-Civil War Spain – historical and political repercussions

Grammar: Consolidation and further development of grammatical points covered in the first year of the A level course.

Study of literary work: Como Agua para Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Spring Term

Theme 3: Diversity and difference

  • Cultural enrichment and celebrating difference
  • Discrimination and diversity  

Theme 4: The Two Spains – 1936 onwards

  • Spain – coming to terms with the past?

Summer Term

Exam revision


Homework is set by each Spanish teacher every week and will be designed to:

  • reinforce the learning from the lesson with written and/ or learning exercises/ vocabulary
  • prepare and research for the next lesson by reading and producing written work for following lesson
  • preparation of the independent research topic


Component 1:

30% of qualification
Presentation and discussion of independent research project: Discussion of stimulus card relating to 1 of the themes studied

Component 2:

50% of qualification
Listening, Reading and Translation Written examination

Component 3:
Critical and analytical response in writing

20% of qualification
Written examination

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