Photography - Year 13


Photography is a practical course with options to allow students to develop their preferred slant on this wide subject. Coursework runs through the whole of Y13, having been started at the end of Y12.


Autumn Term
Component 1 : Personal investigation. 60% of the total A Level marks

Candidates are required to develop a practical personal investigation based on an idea, issue, concept or theme, supported by a written element of 2000 words, leading to a finished piece or pieces.

Spring Term
Component 2 : Externally Set Assignment. 40% of the total A Level marks

Candidates select one of eight starting points. The externally-set assignment period will last from February until the end of the course. Candidates should produce preparatory work and a finished piece or pieces. Towards the end of this period candidates complete 15 hours of unaided, supervised time.

Summer Term
Completion of Component #2


Homework is always support and extension work of the above.


Assessment is frequent, usually every three weeks. Student’s journals are assessed as well as final photographs.

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