Photography - Year 12


Photography is a practical course with options to allow students to develop their preferred slant on this wide subject. Often this relates to other A-level subjects, university courses or career intentions.


In each term, the course has three learning areas, combined in coursework projects:-

• developing ideas and taking photographs
• working on photographs digitally, using Photoshop
• using critical / contextual / historical sources to develop ideas

Autumn Term

How photographers work: ‘the photographer’s eye’ – using Szarkowski’s headings.

Photographic content : expressionism, documentary, aesthetic and instrumentalism

Spring Term

Developing sustained investigations – longer projects – self directed.

Summer Term

Extended project – a major assessment project, mirroring the structure of a coursework project.

Commence work on A-level component #1 : Personal Investigation


Homework is always support and extension work of the above.


Assessment is frequent, usually every two weeks. Student’s journals are assessed as well as final photographs.

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