PE - Year 13


OCR Exam Board


Autumn Term

  • Sports psychology: Individual Differences, group and team dynamics, goal setting in sport
  • Biomechanics

Spring Term

  • Moderation day - some students called in for EAP! and practical assessment
  • Contemporary sporting issues
  • EAP! -mpart of NEA work (30% along with practical performance).
  • Final Practical Assessments

Summer Term

Lessons will continue to allow students to revise with a teacher in preparation for summer exams
This will take place every week


Set weekly.  Tasks of research in their books and exam questions.


  • End of unit tests, completion of training and competition log
  • Practical assessment
  • EAP! assessment

Useful Links and Information

  • Attend revision lessons during study leave
  • Test your son or daughter and encourage them to read class notes in between lessons
  • Help them to revise at home and test them
  • Encourage in dependant study - read around topic areas