Mathematics - Year 12


The Edexcel GCE A Level Mathematics course is taught. This involves compulsory units of pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics. The course is examined in the summer of Year 13 through three, 2-hour written examinations: Paper 1 - Pure Mathematics 1, Paper 2 - Pure Mathematics 2 and Paper 3 - Statistics and Mechanics. All contribute 33 1/3 % to the total mark.

Course Content

Pure Mathematics

● Proof

● Algebra and functions

● Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane

● Sequences and series

● Trigonometry

● Exponentials and logarithms

● Differentiation

● Integration

● Numerical methods

● Vectors


● Statistical sampling

● Data presentation and interpretation

● Probability

● Statistical distributions

● Statistical hypothesis testing


● Quantities and units in mechanics

● Kinematics

● Forces and Newton’s laws

● Moments


Formal homework is set each week for pure mathematics and an application (statistics or mechanics). Initially this will be practice questions but will later involve revision with examination questions in preparation for tests. In addition to teacher assessed work, students should be completing approximately 3-hours of independent study.


Internal assessment is by ongoing regular tests of taught content. These generally correspond with monitoring periods. There is a more comprehensive examination of Year 12 work in the summer term. Mock examinations on component papers will take place in Year 13.

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