Geography - Year 13


In Year 13 the geography schemes of work aim to develop in greater detail the student’s knowledge and skills to be able to understand the requirements of the AQA specification. This year is a vital grounding of knowledge and skills needed for the terminal A level examination in the summer term.

Course Content

Autumn Term

Students will begin the term finalising the titles for their individual enquiries that they will be completing over the remainder of the year. These individually chosen projects are worth a sizeable contribution to the overall marks awarded in the summer. It is essential that students decide on a topic of interest to study to ensure they get the best marks that they can for this work.

Spring Term

Students will complete their work on the changing urban environments topic and complete the course content for the next module entitled carbon and water cycle. Students will need to spend some considerable time this term completing their individual enquiry ready for submission to the exam board.

Summer Term

Students will spend most of this term revising and preparing for the final summer exams. Students will be completing past papers and responding to staff feedback on their marking.


Homework will be set once a week in line with the school’s policy at KS5. It could be a creative, research or a learning homework depending on the nature of the material required to support the student’s work in class for that module of work. Students are encouraged to spend 4-5 hours a week reading around the topics being studied adding work to their well organised study files.


Books will be marked in accordance with the school marking policy. End of unit tests and levelled pieces of work will be used to gauge progress throughout the year. There are three parts to the terminal assessment:

- Paper 1 is based on the physical topics taught and is 2 hour 30 minutes in length (40%)

- Paper 2 is based on the human topics taught and is 2 hour 30 minutes in length (40%)

- Fieldwork enquiry 3,000-4,000 words in length (20% of the final assessment marks)

Useful Links and Information

All students have been given access to a copy of the core text book Geography AQA A/AS level by Cambridge, the ISBN for this product is 9781316603185. Hodder have compiled a detailed revision guide which is a useful accompaniment to the course and will help with support on the topics, homework and revision. The ISBN for this product is 9781471886713 if parents wished to purchase a copy for students. Copies are available in the school LRC. Students are also encouraged to use suggested online sites during the course.