School Admissions 2023

Timetable for Admissions in September 2023


Friday 1 April 2022

Parents can register their child for the admissions test by completing the Online Registration Form on either of the school websites or by requesting a hard copy of the form and sending it back to the school. 

Online applications will be acknowledged. 

Postal applications will require a stamped addressed envelope for acknowledgement.


The Crossley Heath School
Tuesday 21 June 2022

North Halifax Grammar School 
Thursday 23 June 2022

For information about open evening events please see the individual school websites for details.
Friday 1 July 2022 Registration deadline for the admissions tests.

Monday 12 September  Parents will have received information about the venue and timetable for the admissions tests.

Saturday 24 September  Admissions tests at North Halifax Grammar Schools and The Crossley Heath School.

Saturday 22 October Parents will have received the results of the admissions tests (including the overall score and position in the order of merit) but this will not constitute an offer of a place.

Monday 31 October
Deadline for the submission of the The Online Common Application Form (CAF) to Calderdale Local Authority and neighbouring Local Authorities. Either or both of the grammar schools must be included as one of the five preferences to be considered for a place at the grammar school(s).


Wednesday 1 March
Offer of a place at a secondary school distributed to parents by the home Local Authority.

Wednesday 15 March
Deadline for lodging an appeal against the non-offer of a place at a school which was included as a preference on the CAF and requests for re-allocation.