Admissions Test Format

We operate a joint registration and admissions process with Crossley Heath School. Parents need to complete an on-line registration form for the admission tests, please click here for more information about registering for the tests.

The admission test will consist of:

  • a test in English
  • a test in Mathematics
  • a test in Verbal Reasoning (VR)

The scores for each test will be age-weighted.

From 2021 papers for all three tests will be answered on optical mark reader answer sheets.
Updated familiarisation resources are available from GL Assessment’s (see link), who will be the providers of the tests from 2021 onwards.

Please note that we do not use the Non-Verbal Reasoning tests. The test length on the familiarisation materials is not indicative of the length of the actual tests and they are intended for familiarisation only .

Once the tests have been marked, parents will be informed in writing by the schools of their child's position in the order of merit and whether they have reached the required standard to be considered for admission.