Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria

Parents need to register their child for the admission test, please use the section links to read more about the format of the test,  how to register and the timetable for admissions.

We operate a joint admission process with The Crossley Heath School

Once the tests have been marked, parents will be informed in writing (by the schools) of their child’s position in order of merit. The letter you receive is not a guarantee of a place it is simply the ranking your child has achieved.

There is not a fixed pass mark for the admissions test, instead candidates must be in the top 500 places, in order of merit, to reach the required standard. Reaching the required standard does not guarantee the offer of a place as places are typically over-subscribed.

For candidates attaining the required standard, the following over-subscription criteria is applied (in order):

  • 1. Children looked after and children previously looked after*
  • 2. Children attracting the Pupil Premium (PP)*
  • 3. All other candidates in order of merit until the school reaches its planned admission number (PAN)*

*Please refer to our Admissions Policy in the download links for more information. 

Where two or more children achieve the same score as the child in the last place to be offered at NHGS then the tie breaker criteria are applied. Please refer to our Admissions Policy for more details of the tie brake criteria.

The published admission number (PAN) for North Halifax Grammar School is 180.

In September 2018 the school was full, and therefore to be considered for a place at NHGS parents must consider the results of the admissions test.  The school cannot offer a place to a candidate if they are outside the top 500, in order of merit. If students are in the top 500, and they wish to attend NHGS then we strongly recommend nominating NHGS as their first preference when completing the Common Application Form (CAF). Please see the Timetable for Admissions for deadlines.